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Google+ Features Demystified – Part 1

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First time I opened my Google+ page, I could see – An important note about Field Trial –

(To Best view Images please click on them)

You’re a part of a small group of people who are helping to test Google+.

When you share something with people who are not yet able to use Google+,

they will receive it via email but won’t be able to comment or engage with

the content like other Google+ users. They’ll be able to join Google+ as

we let more users in over time.

OK so I am now a part of Google+ or Google Plus, HURRAY! I got it I got it… Eureka did you hear something??

So I thought why not write a Blog Entry – Google+ De-Mystified (Well not completely may be 20% who knows may b more :))

This way they will recieve it via javaforwe Blog and will be able to comment and become familiar with some of the nice features.

For Google+ I am picking section by section on the screen and analysing the requirements and trying to understand the functionality and need

of incorporating the functionality.

First of all Top Right Section.

When I clicked the image(Looks like Account Settings actually it is Google+ Settings) on the Top Right Corner I could see 4 links.

Google+ Settings and Google+ Help in one section and Send feedback and Web History in second and third section.

I could also see Send feedback feature at the bottom right of screen and I think I am doing it one way by writing this blog post at 1:43 a.m.

Now I know that Google maintain a database of searches done by the users when they are logged in to their Google account.

IMPRESSIVE. Web History comes from it.

Data for an other application Google Trends also comes collectivelty from these searches.

Lets Go to Web History Link( Its little out of target from Google+, since it appears on Google+ page, I would like to touch it).

I hope it will be a good one.

Here I am on their Web History Page that opens in a new tab.


This page is full of some very useful system that may help almost everyone in this world who uses more than 1 computers.

Need not to be dependent on Local browser Bookmarking, Google will maintain them. – Super !

This page has whole bunch of features related to web history or searches done using google search engine while one is logged in to ts account.

They have a Calander control on the right, to give functionality to user to check what they searched on a particular date.

They have functionality for Pause web history, Remove selected web history OR clean entire web history.

They have a link for Expand your Web History and I am not going to touch it at 2:44 a.m. After all curious users also love to sleep, Infact more than anyone else like to.

Google Trends link also appears on it.

I see a Bookmark Link and Lets click and see whats there 🙂

Woah.. I land on Social Bookmarking ye ye with an import provided for Delicious…

We can create List, A set of tools for bookmarking is provided. But Ashutosh+ or in general Google+ is missing from the Bookmark page.

May be because it is not the part of Google+ project but still provides and external link from Google+ page. Good.

I still have to touch Google+ Setting link which has got couple of features before that I will come back to Google+ home page

Now Comes Share  functionality.. Share your image, video, link or your location :-

Notification Functionality.

Number of Notifications will be represented by the Numeric digit. Same way as they are represented in Facebook

I see some bad behaviour here. I clicked Notification link and my profile Image’s color changed. ????

Also I noticed a blur rendering of my profile image ..


Account Settings.(My last entry in this blog)

Clicking it we will land on Setting page with Account settings are highlighted.

I will keep on mining google+ features in my coming posts.

Its 4:03 now and this is Ashutosh Signing off from Google+

and going to his Bed+ mode. Caio.