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Chrome’s Voice recognition – could it be messy?

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Now that Google Chrome is out with the voice recognition support and I am curious about many things e.g. like how they are handling accents around the world. The biggest challenge(they must be have accessed it already) could be Indian, Chinese, Spanish, German english and accent.

Google Chrome Voice Recognition Support

I tested various words with my Beats earphone/microphone and testing it over Lenovo T410 with genuine Audio driver (I am not sure if they care about all this). But the results came are not good. Few word that Chrome detected clearly on the first go were “Hello” & “John”.

One thing I am sure about is auto search suggestions below original search given by it are absolutely vague .. like below “Hello” it suggests “I will” Below “Dance” it gives “Jazz” and below that “Dancing”.
One thing is really freaky… please check the Image

I would like to know about the APIs and algorithms they are using for Voice Recognition. Weekend is coming and I will be after it. That gives me ultimate pleasure wor